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Monday, 19 June 2017

OMG - it worked!


I am chuffed beyond words that the latest completed building project was indeed built for purpose.

The solar dehydrator has SOOO worked!

The baby plum toms I put in came out perfect and tasted so yummy.

I decided to put them in some oil; I know there are not loads but what the heck!

I added some home grown basil and seasoning, et voila! 


To say I am chuffed doesn't come close.

I put some banana and peach slices in, too, but the heat, unfortunately, was so severe that most of the peaches were practically burnt; the ones that survived were eaten and were really lovely - therefore no photo! The bananas, no photo either, I'm afraid were stuck to the tray but this has been a learning curve.

Today I am going to try some larger tomatoes. I CANNOT WAIT to be putting our own fruit and veg in the dehydrator!

Bye for now.



  1. This is such an exciting time for you, perfect time of year to get a dehydrator up and running!! I've not done tomatoes yet, I love sun dried too! Huge congratulations, you should be so pleased and rightly so!! Xx

  2. The tomatoes look lovely in with the herbs, it sounds lovely xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl. They taste sooo yummy.

  3. That's brilliant news Louise. I love experimenting and I love sun-dried tomatoes too. Keep us informed of what you're trying please.

    1. Hi Tania, and thanks! I have some peaches cut into quarters as they were going soft in at the moment. Today we are expecting rain, any minute now by the look of it (we sooo need it) so I don't think they will be ready today.


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